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Boys, especially middle school students, are the golden time to work hard to accumulate knowledge and abilities for the future. For this purpose, other things are insignificant. When it comes to hair, of course, it's better to have short hair. It's three thousand feet white hair, and the fate seems long. Look, Li Bai realized that it's not good to grow hair as early as 1300 years ago. ? It will be very annoying. Comb your hair, wash your hair, think about your hairstyle. Also, the blockage of the sewer in the dormitory is mostly caused by piles of withered hair, while short hair has many advantages. Here's a brief introduction of the advantages of short hair:

Benefits 1: From an aesthetic point of view, as a boy, it is more spiritual to keep short hair. Handsome and not compete for nutrition with the brain can always keep a clear mind, which plays a role in promoting learning invisible. Furthermore, short hair highlights the face outline, highlights personality, how a handsome word!  

The second advantage is short hair, which saves a lot of time for learning and doing other meaningful things. Every morning, you can wash your hair when you wash your face. After the short hair is washed, you can do it in a few minutes. The best thing is, if you get up late in the morning, you can put on your shoes and run to the classroom. As for short hair, you can use your hands. It's OK to scratch the comb for a few times, and rub it on the pillow while sleeping without worrying about the knots. Besides, it saves money for the next haircut.  

Benefit 3: As a student, it's better to keep your campus life simple. Don't always let the teacher follow you. If the hair is too long, it will inevitably violate the school rules, then the teacher will not let you go. It will delay your time and energy. Specifically, you understand.  

4) Benefits: From a health point of view, too long hair can easily become a hiding place for dirty things, time is not conducive to healthy growth, and may cause disease. Short hair if handled super short, good air permeability, hair guarantees no bacteria, no scalp, no dandruff in half a year. Not a few, not lice, play a good health care role. In addition, short hair in the car, do not worry about being trapped by supporters, and when angling with people, it is no longer used to grasp the hair to make people uniform tools, can stand short hair and fight each other to the end.  

Advantage five: provincial tap water, shampoo, hair care essence, do not blow the same household appliances. According to statistics, short hair can save ten yuan for shampoo per month, five yuan for hair care essence, three yuan for electricity consumption, two yuan for towels, $two for tap water, twenty-one yuan for additional provinces, and half an hour for extra hours per morning.

Sixth advantage: Short hair is very strong, in the strong wind, still can maintain the integrity and invariability of hair style, let its 46 northeast wind and the unusual 57 southwest wind, always the most standard, the most healthy, the most spiritual state of the students, unlike long hair, in the north wind fluttering wildly (like Pengjiaqiao Holiday 1) Sample). No longer worry about the wind when the wind comes, the hair in the wind like a headdress to make their image damage. When you go out on a dark, windy night, wearing short hair, no one will yell "ghost" at you, so you may be deaf!  

Benefits 7: Short hair can make others think that their hair is short and knowledgeable, avoid people's habitual view of long hair, establish a good image and self-confidence for themselves, and help to lay a good foundation for their position in other people's minds.  

If you have long hair now, you will lose a lot of fun in your life. If you have long hair all the time, you will live for so long in vain, but you still have the chance to change your short hair, change your mood, change your state of mind, and take a fresh look at your life. Don't linger, don't hesitate, make up your mind, take care of a super invincible, perfect, impeccable, ambitious, far-sighted, humiliating, unbeatable, dragon-and-phoenix short-haired dance bar.

2019-08-12 11:22